freeExecпрослушал адрес20:05
freeExecгы, планета 62Гб, Россия 32Гб20:08
freeExecя не знаю узбуки морзу20:22
freeExecаналогично, не почитать20:24
vvoovvThe Russians killed in Syria belonged to a private group called OSM, according to Denis Korotkov, a former security adviser and journalist. The group is known informally as Wagner, after the nom de guerre of its leader, a former military intelligence officer who has served in several conflicts since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991.20:25
vvoovvThe leader of OSM was a member of a previous group of Russian contractors in Syria, the three people said. That group—Slavonic Corps—was ultimately disbanded, but many of those who fought in Slavonic Corps returned to Syria with Wagner, according to Mr. Konovalov and the official close to the Defense Ministry.20:25
vvoovvfreeExec: а у тебя какое сообщение?20:27
freeExecподпишисьи или авторизуйся20:27
freeExecчё было то?20:28
freeExec:) хороший мем20:30
vvoovvfreeExec: у меня wsj.com просто долго грузился, там похоже полный текст статьи приходит, а потом удаляется20:41
freeExecнаверное, я сотрел htm там текс был обрезан20:42
vvoovvу меня щас тоже обрезан стал20:42
freeExecудача ушла20:46

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